Alan Sherman 45 with Syd Hoff Picture Sleeve
Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 06:21PM
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Just in time for summer camp:


Found this one at an antique store in New Hampshire.  It's a 1964 Allan Sherman 45, with sleeve art by children's illustrator Syd Hoff.  The A-side is the original version, and the flip-side is a live recording from the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The updated version, called "Return to Camp Granada," expands on the list of complaints enumerated in the original. 

It includes a rhyme I like a lot:

No one here knows where my trunk is
And my bunk is where the skunk is

It's also likely the only song in human history to rhyme "...campfire's really keen" with "unguintine". 

I've known the song since I was of summer camp age myself, but I picked this up because of the great sleeve art from Syd Hoff, best-known for his Danny And The Dinosaur books.

The sleeve is the cover art from a picture book Sherman and Hoff did for Harper and Row.  I like Syd Hoff's sense of humor-- notice how he gave the unfortunate kid on the cover poison ivy!  I haven't run across a copy of their book in my travels, but I do have another they did based on Sherman's single "I Can't Dance". 

I'm a big fan songwriter/illustrator team-ups like this one. 

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