Peanuts "The Pursuit Of Happiness" Game
Sunday, January 27, 2013 at 08:06PM
Casey Abrams

Another antique store find:  The “Pursuit of Happiness” boardgame was released in 1965, as a tie-in with Charles Schulz's book “Happiness is a Warm Puppy”.



The board itself is actually a poster, and includes the story of the game: “The best-selling book prompted readers from around the world to send in their ideas on happiness. These varied and imaginative concepts inspired the creation of 'The Pursuit of Happiness Game'.”


Included are half-a-dozen booklets with Snoopy and the gang, featuring a list of “happiness statements” sent in by readers. The object of the game is to guess which of these statements your friends agree represent happiness. Some of my favorites:


Happiness is being forty and they still whistle.

Happiness is a big brass band.

Happiness is when they pick on you but you have a bigger brother.

Happiness is finishing Moby Dick.

Happiness is seeing your reflection in a pond.

Happiness is a new song to sing.

Happiness is a weenie roast.

Happiness is knowing you're more humble than anybody.

Happiness is a popcorn and a coke at the movies.

Happiness is when everybody tells you you look like Ringo Starr.


Speaking of Ringo Starr, the book also inspired a-million-and-one “Happiness is...” spin-offs over the years, not the least of which was The Beatles' 1968 doo-wop send-up “Happiness is a Warm Gun”.



On a bizarre, vaguely-related note, I remember seeing alternative rockers The Pursuit Of Happiness perform on “The All New Mickey Mouse Club” in 1989-- the song was followed by a kids air-guitar competition, judged by lead-singer Moe Berg. I'll wager that was one of the weirdest moments of his life.



P.S.: The Pursuit of Happiness' debut record Love Junk was produced by Todd Rundgren.

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